Dynamic Interconnection eXchange


Autonomous Systems (ASes) can now reach hundreds of networks directly through Internet eXchange Points (IXPs). Despite the benefits, any pair of ASes needs first to agree on exchanging traffic. Such process is mainly manual and lengthy. Because of the hassle, ASes miss interconnection opportunities and prefer long-term agreements, even if not matching current Internet traffic dynamics.


Dynam-IX enables IXP members with a high-level interconnection intent abstraction to express their business policies and establish interconnection agreements in short time frames. Our approach is powered by a permissioned blockchain and smart contracts, providing a decentralized trustworthy environement.

Motivating Scenarios

Dynamic interconnection agreements will bring benefits in different scenarios.

Congestion/Reachability. Network operators can use Dynam-IX to establish short-term agreements to deal with aperiodic events that are causing congestion or reachability issues on their networks.

Faster port utilization. The interconnection intent abstraction allows network operators to establish bilateral interconnection agreements over the IXP infrastructure easily. Thus, enabling a quicker approach to start fully utilizing the capacity of their IXPs ports.

Economics. Providers can increase their revenue by efficiently deploying new agreements and reaching new customers, while customers may leverage Dynam-IX to reduce their interconnection costs by adapting their agreements more frequently.



Extended Abstract

Pedro Marcos, Alexandre Wermann, Marinho Barcellos and Leandro Bertholdo
Dynam-IX: a Dynamic Agreement Marketplace on Internet eXchange Points
In Student Workshop of the ACM CoNEXT 2016, Irvine, California, USA.

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Our source code, documentation and experiments will be made available soon.